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Various light installations may aid the visibility and aesthetics of any room in your house. You might want something practical and inexpensive, or you could go for something more elaborate and decorative. Whatever your preference, we provide any lighting installation, including electrical services. We conduct expert lighting installation services to guarantee that you have a system that doesn't result in power outages or other electrical issues.


What Light Installation Would Suit Your House Best?

Are you looking for a professional Electrical Light Installation service? Look no further than our team of experts! We can meet your every need with various Lighting Installation. We can handle everything from small residential properties to large commercial businesses! Reach us today to know in-depth about our services. And how we can help you get the most out of your lighting installation project!

Kitchen and Bathroom Light

You need to have practical lighting in your kitchen and bathroom. This means that you don't want shadows or dark areas. Single lights may not be enough to give you the light you need.

Water is a big issue in these locations, so electrical wiring must be handled carefully. You may think about the following factors when it comes to kitchens and restrooms: -

  • LED light installations for overall ambiance and adequate lighting at all times of the day
  • A variety of ceiling lights are available to complement workstations and central islands.
  • Corner lights light the corners of the building.

Living Room and Bedroom Light

Whether you go for a modern or rustic style, the overall aesthetic will be inspired by your nature. As with any other part of the design, interior lighting has the potential to make an area appear more prominent and airier. Natural light fixtures are often used in rooms that are intended to be bright; on the other hand, bedroom recessed lights may be used for safety reasons. In this situation, dimmer switches should also be utilized.

Here are some of the different types of light fixtures we install in living rooms and bedrooms:

  • LED light installation
  • Downlight
  • Ceiling light installation
  • Hanging lights
  • Recessed downlights

How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill Using Efficient Lighting

Do you want to save money on your power bill while conserving the environment? Using energy-efficient LEDs will help you keep your home cooler and brighter. LED light installations may help you save almost 50% on your electricity bills. If you hire SES Electrician Singapore, you can be confident that we use only the most efficient energy-saving lights for your house or business and provide warranties on all light fixtures and installations.

Common Light Installation Problems

In most houses, there are times when minor light installation difficulties arise. However, before any homeowner engages in any electrical work, they should first be aware of the many types of light installation problems. This will benefit them since they will have the information needed to troubleshoot any light problem.

Light Fixture Problems

  • Light Bulbs Burn Out
  • Flickering Lights
  • Bright lights and dim lights

Other light problems

  • A light switch is the source of numerous difficulties with ceiling light fixtures.
  • The recessed lights are dysfunctional.

How to Replace Light Fixtures

When changing light fixtures, you should always use a competent electrician. Some people with knowledge and experience in the field can also attempt it.

Turn off the electricity and get all of your equipment ready.

Locate the light fixtures and plan for replacement. Make sure you have all of the following tools before you begin working:

  • Mounting hardware
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire connectors
  • Electricity tester
  • Headlamps
  • Voltage detector
  • Short copper wires for joining
  • Screwdriver

Before fixing any light, you first need to turn off the power. This will make sure you are safe while working. But you also need to know which switch is connected to the light you are fixing. You can do this by marking the button.

Removing the old light fixture

  • The wiring assembly is usually hidden from view beneath a canopy in light fixtures. As a result, to remove the screws that hold it together, lift this round cover. Because this topic is handled by electricians easily, it is seen in all light fixture types.
  • After removing the canopy, you'll notice a collection of black, red, and green wires. Remove all three of these primary electric cables from your wall or ceiling. Before connecting it to the new light fixture, ensure these three wires are entirely disconnected from the old light fixtures. Don't worry; a competent electrician in Singapore is fully trained in this process when replacing all-electric equipment.

Connect the new wires and install the new light fixture

  • Check that the ceiling bracket or electrical box is securely fastened to the wall. If necessary, use a single baseplate as a mounting structure on the ceiling. You won't need to use your metallic mounting bar if you have certain light fixture types with their mounting bases.
  • Connect the electrical connections of the new light fixture to the ceiling wirings using new wire connectors. The black wire of the new institution is intended to be connected to the existing black wire in the ceiling. On the other hand, only the white cable should be linked to the existing white wire. Wrap a copper or green wire around a green screw on the mounting bar if you don't want it directly related to the copper wire of the ceiling. Otherwise, you can connect it there immediately.
  • Attach the new light fixture to the roof. If it has a chain, you will need to shorten it for the perfect installation. Hide the chain carefully within the canopy. Securely install the entire lighting fixture by tightening its screws.
  • Finally, try out the newly installed light fixture. To do so, turn the electricity to see if the light fixture is functioning correctly. Any loose connections between the black and white cables will prevent the light fixture from performing at its best level.


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