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Electrical switch installation is a critical part of any electrical system. A poorly installed switch can lead to dangerous conditions and decreased system efficiency. SES Electrician Singapore is the company to call if you're looking for an experienced electrical contractor to install your switches! We have decades of expertise installing switches in homes and businesses in Singapore. We always ensure that our work meets or exceeds the highest standards.

electrical switch

Troubleshooting Common Electrical Switches Problems

Electrical switches, like any other electrical component, may have their issues. When they are designed for particular applications, they run the risk of having malfunctions. Learn how to identify and repair these electrical switch problems below:

Flickering Light Fixture

Have you noticed your home's light fixture flickering recently? While most people believe it is only a temporary issue that will go away on its own, they are usually unaware that the problem can be more serious. In such circumstances, it may be due to a disconnected electrical wiring or a damaged light bulb. Whatever the problem is, avoid attempting to fix it yourself until you have some knowledge of electrical repairs. Immediately call an expert electrician to diagnose and eventually resolve the difficulty.

Damaged Wired Devices

When your appliance, light fixture, and even water heater switches do not turn on your gadgets after being flipped, there's a good chance that they are all experiencing an electrical wiring problem. Another possibility is that your light bulb has burned out completely, which is most likely to happen if you use a faulty compact fluorescent lamp. Short circuits might also be to blame for failing electrical switches.

Electrical Switches May Cause Both Fuses To Blow Or A Circuit Breaker To Trip When They Are Turned On

Do your home's electrical switches trip as soon as you turn on the utilities? Short circuits, which usually develop when a hot wire comes into touch with another hot or neutral wire, are typically to blame. When rodents gnaw on cables and stretch over time, the circuit's electrical wiring can become damaged - this is more likely to occur if frays appear in your wires. Contact an expert electrician immediately if you cannot identify the issue so that your wall switch may be fixed immediately

When an electrical switch is switched on, it feels hot to the touch?

When a water heater switch and a wall switch are frequently used in Singapore, they can become hot. Overloading occurs when it is putting out more energy than it can handle. Electrical switches may also get warm to the touch because of faulty wiring, as with the other issues mentioned above. When you think something might endanger your family's safety, contact an expert electrician right now to deal with your power switch since this sort of problem necessitates immediate attention.

Faulty Electrical Switches

There are several indicators that your electrical switches are faulty. One of these signals is not feeling the "snap" you typically get when switching a light on and off. Some electrical switches make strange sounds when operating, such as buzzing noises. The most significant sign is when the device starts creating a spark when switched on. This does not just occur with light switches; it can also happen with circuit breaker switches and electrical outlet switches. When problems arise, don't put it off; immediately replace your circuit breaker switch if this occurs.

Signs to Replace Your Electrical Switches

Every home has electrical switches as a primary element. As a result, an excellent electrical control installed correctly can help avoid additional burn-outs and electrical difficulties.

Do you think it's best to replace your whole electrical switch? Check these out:

  • Constant electrical shocks, sparks, and power trips,
  • Buttons become excessively hot after a few hours of use
  • Changing your electrical switches may be required when you undertake home renovations or make changes to your decorations.
  • If you need to replace or rewire your home's electrical systems, requests for permits and inspections may necessitate the use of a particular type of switch.

Considerations When Hiring An Electrical Switch Installation Professional

While there are several things to consider while arranging electrical services in Singapore. Certain more particular factors must also be taken into account while having an electrical installation completed:

  • Ensure that the wall switch installation is done with a high-capacity electrical switch capable of handling the high ratings for heavy-duty appliances like cookers, washers, and dryers.
  • A dimmer switch is a handy way to regulate light intensity in spaces like children's bedrooms, media rooms, and entertainment areas.
  • When it comes to installing electrical switches, keep in mind the overall appearance of your home. Several styles and colors of switches available will complement your interior design and décor.
  • Loose wall switches are hazardous. Turn off the main electrical box and call for immediate repairs if wires are visible at an outlet or electric switch to avoid power outages, shocks, and power trips.
  • For convenience, the most efficient electric switches should be placed near the machines used.

Types of Electrical Switches That We Install

A light switch installation is one of the first things that spring to mind when thinking about wall switches. SES Electrician Singapore also does other sorts of electrical switches for your house or business, such as dimmer switches and occupancy sensors.

  • Ceiling Fan Light
  • Water Heater Switch
  • Light Switch
  • Light Dimmer
  • Electric Power Switch


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