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Electrical wiring is an essential component of every structure. It is responsible for bringing power to all the devices and appliances in your home or office. A professional electrician must install electrical wiring, and it is essential to choose the right company to do the job. We will discuss the different types of electrical wiring services offered in Singapore and provide tips on selecting the right contractor.

Because electrical wiring projects are more complex than anything you should accomplish on your own, most homeowners aren't able to finish them. Electrical wiring could be messy and time-consuming, even if it isn't done by skilled and licensed electrician contractors in Singapore. It's especially worrying in HDB rewiring jobs with a greater risk of accidents.

Although a handyperson may complete electrical wiring projects, a professional electrician in Singapore should do most HDB rewiring and electrical wiring installation to avoid electrical wiring errors that might cause risk. We have a staff of licensed electricians working with us who are educated to give all of your electrical wiring, rewiring, and extension needs. SES Electrician Singapore understands the significance of having a properly functioning electrical wiring system. It can assist you in maintaining or reinstalling electrical wiring in your HDB apartment, condominium, business, or office.

electrical wiring

Signs That You Need Electrical Wiring Services

Electrical cable faults may not always be immediately apparent to the average homeowner. The following are indicators that you require an electrical wiring upgrade:

  • Your home or business wiring appears to be cracking, peeling, or undone.
  • The connections on your circuit are black or dark. The wiring should be white or gray.
  • If you can't locate a power outlet within six to eight feet of any location in your house, it's an indication that your current electrical wiring is insufficient.
  • For no apparent reason, your fuses and circuit breakers are frequently pulled.
  • You reside in an old home with a distinct burning odor within your walls near electrical outlets.

These are red flags that you will need to call in the services of an EMA-certified and trustworthy electrician in Singapore to maintain your electrical wiring or complete a total rewiring of your HDB, business, and other residential and commercial spaces.

Types of Electrical Wirings Available in Singapore

Singapore's electrical wiring contractors utilize several words and equipment that most homeowners should understand before embarking on any electrical wiring jobs. However, if you're more seasoned with such work, it's also beneficial to understand the basic electrical wirings that exist in the nation.

Here are the sorts of electrical wiring systems classified according to their cable covers:

  • Non-metallic (NM) cables are ideal for dry settings such as Singaporean homes.
  • A non-metallic cable composed of a solid plastic covering that individually covers each insulated live wire, neutral wire, and the ground wire is known as an underground feeder (UF) cable.
  • Electric wiring is enclosed inside a metal or plastic tubing, known as a conduit. They're primarily utilized in house wiring, which may be seen within interior walls and ceilings of residential homes.
  • The wires are encased in a plastic cable and protected from the elements. These electrical wires are typically short and are utilized in low-voltage systems.
  • Meanwhile, some electrical wires are plated with an alloy of lead and aluminum that includes more than 90% lead.

In Singapore homes, there are a variety of electrical wiring installation techniques:

In a temporary installation in many home appliances, a joint box system is a low-cost technique frequently utilized. The wiring connections to the particular device are completed with standard connectors, generally secured and covered in tiny common boxes.

Loop-in or parallel system is a way of wiring electrical appliances. In this method, the wires are wrapped around the switch and connected directly to the power supply.

The insulated VIR or PVC cables are attached to the walls and ceilings with the aid of T-shaped cleats, manufactured of plastic, wood, or porcelain, in a cleat wiring system.

The batten wiring system is prevalent in many home structures due to the electrical wiring's safety features. Teakwood wooden battens are used in this configuration. These wooden battens cover single, double, or three-core circular or oval cables, then topped with tinned copper wire.

Electrical Wiring Repairs and Replacements

Have you ever pondered when it is the most fantastic time to have your electrical wiring repaired and replaced? These are some of the indications to look for:

Frayed Wires

Frays are common in any home's electrical wiring due to heat, age, corrosion, and general wear and tear. Screws and nails with sharp edges are also likely to harm the wires. Rodents also gnaw on electrical cables, which might result in long-term damage. If you discover any rodent activity, thoroughly inspect each wire throughout your property for possible frays. This damaged electrical wiring risks your safety because it may trigger further electricity issues.

Excessive Heat Damage

Have you noticed scorch marks or warm, burnt areas on your electrical switches and outlets? This might suggest that your wiring wasn't correctly installed. Note that electrical switches and outlets should not be hot to the touch; otherwise, it may indicate an overheat.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Most likely, if your circuit breakers are frequently tripping, it's due to overloading. An electrical panel replacement is required if your electrical wiring or circuit breaker is damaged severely. When you have to reinstall an electrical component or appliance, always hire a skilled electrician rather than attempting to do it yourself.


When it comes to electricity, any instances of smoke are considered a sign of risk. When you detect any smoke from your electrical wiring, appliance, or power outlet, shut them off immediately. If you can't discover the source of the smoke, turn off your home's main power supply and consult a professional electrician. Electrical rewiring isn't always as expensive as people imagine.

Dimming Lights

If some electrical outlets begin to dim when you turn them on, your circuit or electrical wiring is probably clogged. To guarantee your safety, troubleshoot the problem by thoroughly inspecting your circuit and electrical wiring. Call a professional electrician to ensure your house wiring is in good working order rather than attempting this yourself.

Loose Connections

Due to constant usage and old age, connections between electrical switches and wires will wear down over time. As a result, you should check and ensure that all switch plates and outlet covers are in good shape regularly. This helps guarantee that your electrical wiring is adequately protected within its enclosure.


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