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Electrical emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere. If you're in Singapore and are in the middle of an electrical emergency, it's essential to know who to call for help. In this blog post, we will discuss emergency electrical services in Singapore, what you need to know before calling for assistance, and some tips on how to stay safe during a power outage.

Electrical emergencies can happen anytime, and you don't want an untrustworthy electrician to respond to that emergency. To keep you and your valuables safe, it is critical to have a trustworthy Emergency Electrician Singapore service with licensed electrical contractors on hand when you have an electrical crisis.

A socket may spark suddenly, or a light bulb refuses to turn on without warning. No matter what time of day, you may not know how much power you need until you experience a power outage.

emergency electrical

When Engaging an Electrical Contractor

How do you determine whether or not an electrician is competent and trustworthy? Remember to use some of these ideas before working with any electrical contractor in Singapore:

  • Check to see whether the electrician you retained is qualified.
  • Take a look at the electrical contractor and subcontractor's information.
  • Check the electrical contractor's warranty.
  • Examine the electrician's experience in this sector.
  • Make sure the electrical contractors are familiar with EMA's code of standards.

Contact an Electrician for Emergency Electrical Services

People are sometimes unsure whether they should call an electrician for 24-hour service or not. They find it challenging to define an electrical problem as an emergency. Here are some of the most prevalent electrical difficulties that need a professional electrician's 24-hour service attention.

  • In the event of a limited or total outage in your home,
  • In your home, you experience a strange, unidentified burning odor.
  • A wet electrical panel
  • Frequent tripping of the circuit breaker indicates a problem.
  • Your house lights are on and off at a rapid pace.
  • An electrical current passes through the house, and someone is injured.
  • A buzzing sound may be heard from the breaker panel, outlet, or switch.
  • When touched, an electrical switch or power outlet feels hot.

If you discover yourself in any of the situations below, contact a professional Singaporean 24-hour electrician immediately. Such circumstances might result in significant damage, such as house fire, property damage, or electrical shocks. We urge you not to put it off any longer and call any 24-hour electrician  for assistance.

How Can We Help in Electrical Emergency?

We have a team of electricians that stands by your side and protects your property 24/7 if there is an electrical problem. Here are some of the various electrical difficulties we can assist with:

Burnt Electrical Wiring

Loose connections, faulty wiring, and a short circuit can cause your electrical wiring to melt and burn. It occurs due to an unsafe and unanticipated surge in the current. That causes sparking and overheating, which can lead to fire Getty.

Get in touch with us if you encounter any of these difficulties. Switch off your main power supply and contact us if you discover any of these problems.

Short Circuits

A short circuit frequently causes a circuit breaker to trip. The power breaker trips whenever it detects any fault condition, such as overload, ground fault, or damaged wiring that interrupts the circuit. As a result, you may call our expert electricians at any time to repair your circuit problem.

Overloaded Circuit

When an excessive amount of current is drawn into a circuit, it overloads. The tremendous current draw reaches its limit, and the course can no longer handle it. As a result, an overload occurs, and you may notice flickering lights or dimming lights regularly. You might also get mild electric shocks from your home's appliances or electrical components. Contact the Elite Electricians as soon as you detect this problem.

Electrical wiring that is burning and emitting a burnt-meat smell

The scent of burning plastic emanates from electrical wiring. Overloads and shorts in the system cause this to happen. When a circuit breaker is continuously fed despite overheating, the safety insulation around the wire melts and burns away, causing a house fire. As a result, you must act immediately to turn off the power supply or circuit breaker and get an expert electrician service near me to inspect the wiring. Switch off the electricity or circuit breaker, then call an expert electrician service near me to check your electrical system.

Aside from these services, you can also contact SES if you have an urgent power outage. We will respond promptly to emergency electrical repairs. Our electricians will thoroughly examine your house's electrical system and wiring to identify the problem. You'll discover that our service is trustworthy, long-lasting, and cost-effective.


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