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In some cases, individuals may have electrical problems in their HDB housing. On the other hand, many people are oblivious to their difficulties and the importance of resolving them as soon as possible. No matter your situation, starting with identifying the problem is always a good idea. Most of the time, though, people will seek assistance from an HDB electrician since they lack technical expertise.

Even if the problem is minor, individuals are frustrated by it. This is because it affects an individual's routine, and other things must be done to work around the issue or fix it. This is why people should contact an SES electrician as soon as they have an electrical problem in their HDB unit. They will be able to conduct their normal activities without interruption and will be relieved of worry because a professional is assisting them with the situation.

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Electrical Work Planning Guidelines from the HDB

All Singaporean homeowners are legally required to follow HDB standards. These rules apply to all HDB services, including electrical switch installation and light installation.

You'll need to hire a professional electrician with an HDB license to do the required services for you, whether you're looking for an electrical installation or a repair. Those who don't follow this could face repercussions. Furthermore, attempting to complete electrical works on your own may result in shocks and additional damage during a DIY electrical repair.

When it comes to HDB permits, the following are required by HDB guidelines:

  • Before getting the help of an electrical expert, you must ensure that your apartment has a current electrical load of at least 40 amps. In that scenario, you may get an HDB permit on your own. Otherwise, you'll need to hire an HDB electrician to provide services for you.
  •  The electrical works and troubleshooting that homeowners of HDB flats with upgraded kitchens/bathrooms/laundries completed on or after January 1994 are regarded as significant upgrading/home improvement. In that scenario, homeowners do not require an HDB permit to perform electrical repairs or diagnostics.

Why Should I Get A HDB Permit?

As a homeowner, you must obtain all required HDB permits for electrical services such as distribution box repairs or light switch replacements. Tickets guarantee that any work done will not harm your home's structure. They are also required to ensure electrical installation safety precautions.

In many cases, homeowners want to have electrical work done but are unsure about their home's electrical loading capacity. If that's the case, you may check with the HDB block e-service system for confirmation. Input your postal code to see whether you require a permit or not.

When Should I Call SES Electrician?

As previously stated, any electrical work you want is best left to an HDB electrician. The danger of light installation issues and other electrical concerns is reduced in this manner.

If you need the following, call an electrical contractor with an HDB license or hire one:

  • Electrical wiring repairs, installations, and modifications.
  • Repairs on or replacements of circuit breakers and consumer control equipment.
  • Electrical branch-end extensions, advancements, or replacements (e.g., electrical switches, lighting points, or power outlets)

It is simple to find a reputable electrician with an HDB license. Most HDB electricians are ready for service shortly after booking, whether switch repair or electrical wiring repairs. Furthermore, you may contact them if you have any questions regarding their customer care staff, especially if you're doing electrical work for the first time.

What Should I Keep in Mind When Hiring an Electrician?

If you need non-emergency or emergency electricians, it's best to hire one from LEW, EMA, or BCA. When hiring an expert electrician, make sure they're licensed.

How Can I Find High-Quality Electrical Items in the Best Way?

An electrician is a way to go if you search for high-quality electrical accessories and wiring supplies. Electrical contractors are typically well-equipped to handle a variety of electrical goods, including house light installations, light switches, circuit breakers, electrical outlets, and so on.

Here are some specific services that an HDB electrician may provide if you engage one to do electrical work for you.

Electrical Installations

If you attempt to install electrical equipment yourself, you risk causing electrical damage, which can cause your appliances to draw a lot of electricity. An experienced electrician doing an electrical installation reduces the chances of faulty devices.

Power Trip/Power Failure Services

An electrician from the SES may be able to help with a power trip or outage. They will inspect your home's wiring layout, components, and electrical system to identify the source of the power outage. A professional will also know if your property requires a new circuit breaker or an electrical wiring repair/replacement.

Light Installations

The term "light installation" refers to replacing or installing new lights. The electrician usually selects a suitable bulb, installs the wiring and electrical outlets, and runs them. They may also install fixtures such as lamps and fittings in addition to this.

Electrical Switch Services

Water heater switches, doorbell switches, and light switches are a few of the many types of electrical switches that may break. Electrical switch servicing entails examining the control and electrical wiring for defects and determining the problem, after which an electrician can rewire electricity or replace the whole switch.

Power Socket Services

If you don't have enough power outlets at home, consider getting your existing sockets replaced with new ones. Power socket servicing is adding extra electrical sockets to your house. Your electrician will set the correct voltage limit for your sockets during power socket installations so that they do not overheat when numerous appliances are connected. They may also perform some drilling and cutting while performing the job.

Circuit Breaker Services

When HDB circuit breaker trips and short circuits occur, the circuit breaker in the distribution box can get damaged. Your DB box or circuit breaker may be repaired or replaced by a circuit breaker service.

You should ensure that the person you choose to install ceiling lights is a licensed electrician. Check to see whether they have an HDB license card, showing they are qualified. Their name, photograph, license number, identity card number, date of issue, and validity period should be displayed on this document. If you're still undecided, call SES Electrician Singapore for assistance.


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